quinta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2009

Who am I?

This is my land of nowhere : my thoughts, my dreams, my being underneath my normal life. No one can see who I am, because I hide myself. I fly through my mind, with crazy feelings inside, and I feel OK with it, I identify myself with it. Maybe this sounds a little harmfull, but not to me. I have tried so hard to be someone else and then, one day, I realized myself that I should no longer be that person I´ve created. Now I feel emptiness, I am emptiness. The world I know is like a river, but I do not belong to this river. I´m possibly watching it go...That´s how I feel.. Free me from this no longer me!! Who am I? I follow the signs, I reach the gates, but I can not survive knowing that I´m dying without the knowledge of myself i shoul have been.
I cry! I suffer! I feel! I have blood in my vains! So, I live. But I´m so fragil! I need help. And I´m being helped. But I think that, deeply inside, that I am with such darkness that no light can enter. Although... I´m faithful. I believe in angels. My angel gards me, as if I am a treasure, and because of Him, I smille. And now, I´m reaching other things with prfessional help. I believe in me, but mostly on those who are being my angels all the time, they keep me alive. THANK YOU, MY ANGELS OF LIFE, and you know who all of you are. THANKS, deeply...

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